Friday, September 30, 2011

Find Our Fathers

Our mission was to extend the search and rescue and it certainly was not the intent that we would have to continue our mini crusade of fund raising and conducting our own private recovery.

Our fathers had the biggest and most loving hearts. Part of this love for life, love for family and friends, was shared with their love for fishing and one another.

My father as I understand it was one of the men that never received a warning. He was alone in his room. His friends shared with us the pandemonium and how quickly the boat sunk. I cried for days wondering why. Why did he choose to be alone, why wasn't he warned, why didn't any of the crew members whom my dad "personally took care of" warn him? Why?

I'm certainly not alone in my pursuit of "whys." The survivors, -my dad's friends are haunted by this notion day in and day out. The families too, have shared their fair share of questions. The questioning continues as each day passes. Some days are easier than others. We are in this nightmare together.

As I see it, I may have lost a Dad, but now I have a larger extended family.  My family is now joined by 19 other families, as we are all united and bonded for life.

Thank you to my sister Catrina for helping us obtain these bracelets. I will wear this pride. If you'd like to make a donation to help us locate our fathers, please see our website at If you'd like a bracelet, please email us at

-Mandi Lee

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