Monday, August 8, 2011

The Goodness of People. Renewal in Humanity . . Hope Gives Us Strength

from a Ed Berbena, posted on facebook on 7/3/11 
Yesterday I downtown the morning at the Great Mall in Milpitas passing out fliers and talking to businesses. Talked with Starbucks Supervisor Chris who allowed posting of our General info Flyer but needed to wait fir Mgrs. Approval to post... fundraiser flyer. As I was leaving he called out to me, reached out to hand me something and almost in tears said, "I wish I could give you more but here's a couple of dollars. I hope it helps". I thanked him, told him what a Big Heart he had and
how donations can be made. I tell you this because this made me realize that for all the Immoral, dishonest political BS in this world, for the most part I still believe in the overall goodness of people. It is important to me, as I am sure it is to all of you, the work we are doing to get our family members
and friends home. If possible, what's just as important is how we are touching people's Hearts
and Lives and allowing them into ours. This gives me Hope. Many of us have been turned away by
restaurant business owners, some won't even let us hang a flyer. One wanted to charge me
to hang a flyer. I choose not to dwell on this negativity. Instead I'll forever remember Chris, scraping a few coins up to help a fellow human being. It keeps me going.

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