Sunday, August 28, 2011

Survivors meet with the families of the missing fishermen

August 11, 2011

Joe Beeler, Dennis Deluca, Jerry Garcia, Bob Higgins, Lee Ikegami, Bruce Marr, Jim Miller, Mike Ng, Gary Wong, Rich Ciabattari, and Pete Zugar met with the families today to share their seconds they had before the Eric sunk. Today's meeting provided us with greater understanding and filled in the gaps that news reports failed to report. While it was difficult to listen to their horrific details, what is alarming is that every single survivor shared how there wasn't a single warning made by a crew member and how they had seconds to jump ship. A mere warning could have alter...ed their rescue, could have saved lives. We learned a tremendous amount today. Thank you to all of the men for revisiting those horrific moments just so that we can sleep a little better, just so that we could find some sort healing in all of this. 

Rich Ciabattari's life ring
Wall Photos from facebook

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