Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another template for letters

Dear [  ],

As you know, seven fisherman have been lost in the Sea of Cortez.  The Department of Defense has said there will be no dive.  They said the capability is not available at this time.  What exactly does that mean?

These men are all American citizens, some even veterans.  It is hard for me, as a taxpayer, to understand how our government can turn its  back on these men and their families. I cannot believe that this would be their response if it were their families lost at sea.  If this decision is not reversed, these hard working middle class families will have to rely on donations from friends and family to raise $300,000.00 to hire their own diving team.  This is incomprehensible to me. 

I am respectfully asking you to intervene on behalf of these families.


[  ]


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