Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lee Family Reaction to Dave Levine's Story

The family is outraged that during the scramble to 'jump ship', in the chaos, ALL CREW MEMBERS HAD LIFE JACKETS ON!!!  And then the ship's cook USES THE PASSENGERS AS BUOYS!  We are holding onto hope that the investigation the Mexican officials has launched will uncover the true accounts of what happened and what didn't happen (the crew members not helping the passengers like the passengers helped them)!!! 

We cannot believe this!  The more we hear about the accounts that happened several minutes before the boat capsized, the more we feel that the lives at stake were preventable.  At this point in time, this continues to motivate us to get our loved ones home!


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  1. Hi Lee Family and all on this blog,

    First, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I wanted to point out that in the Charles Gibson interview (on your Facebook page) that he stated the crew did help him so maybe that can give you some additional information. It will come out in the end.

    I have been in touch with Craig Leong and have traveled Baja 100's of times. If you need any assistance, questions answered I will try to help you. I will also volunteer my services if you need someone to escort you down into that area of Baja. I am not a guide, just an American who travels down there and knows the land.

    Don't give up hope,
    Ted Donovan