Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Good News about the locals in Mexico

 From a experienced guide in baja

I can tell you all in the Baja community (both American and Mexican) are wishing the best to you and all family members. Don't give up hope, people can survive and the current can pull people down the coast. Survivors could be stranded along the coast south. Gonzaga Bay is rough country especially in the summer, but past the bay is pretty inhospitable country with almost no people. If they did find survivors as far south as Bahia de Los Angeles, a good place to look is that coast line, but it's certainly an expedition. However, I have heard through friends and other sources that most communities up and down the coast are aware and are looking. That's a great thing.

Like I said, if I was here when the tragedy happened, I would have volunteered my services asap. I should have said in my first email that I can also offer general knowledge of the area to anyone traveling down there as well as recommendations or just answer questions.

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