Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Let's flood Facebook pages of Congress!

Please start posting to the FB pages of Congress asking for their assistance in continuing strong efforts for search and rescue.  We need (1) to get funding and support U.S. divers to go to Mexico because Mexico doesn't have capacity for it (2) get more bodies on the ground and in pangas to search the 100+ islands in the Sea of the Cortez!
  • Leland Yee
  • Barbara Boxer
  • Hilary Clinton
  • Diane Feinstein
  • Nancy Pelosi
State Representatives can be located at:

Dear [ ]:

As you know, in the early morning hours of July 3, a fishing boat capsized and sank 300 miles south of San Felipe, off Mexico's Baja Coast. What you may not know is that the search for the remaining men from that boat is scheduled to end after 96 hours—tomorrow morning. A grassroots effort by friends and family of the missing men has garnered media attention and volunteers, but more help is needed. Your help.

I am making a personal plea for you to use your influence to persuade the Coast Guard and Mexican Navy to:
·         Extend the search window beyond 96 hours
·         Organize a search of the surrounding land by locals who best know the terrain
·         Coordinate a dive of the accident site

Please do not let these opportunities pass by untried. Please do not condemn the friends and families of these men to a cruel and desperate limbo. Please do not condemn these men to be lost to their loved ones forever.

You hold 7 human lives in your hand. Please help bring them home.

[ ]

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