Saturday, July 9, 2011

Donors via (PayPal)

Please be assured that the funds will go directly to the search and rescue efforts of all seven men; used for any charters the families may need to arrange; help with travel arrangements to get the men home; and help cover the cost of our website we are in the process of designing. 

The families of the missing men would like to recognize the donations that have been received via the - Find Our Fathers. 

We realize that in our economy, some are struggling more than others, so no matter your situation, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your generosity in your donation.  All donations, big and small, are so much appreciated.  Your support will help bring all seven men home!
This list is current as of Friday, July 8 at about 3:00 p.m.

Alcones, Gayle
Auyang, Nicole
Auyang, Yvonne
Azali, Adrianto
Basuel, Mary
Boswell, Jacob
Bryant, Joanne
Cao, Dinh
Chevalier, Catherine
Chinn, Christopher
Chiu, Lisa
Choi, Tammy
Chow, Marcus
Chue, Bryan
Cincala, Todd
Cleto, Catherine
Croy, Kevin
Cruz, Sarah
Damaso, Theresa
Do, Thanh
Do, Van
Edwards, Charleston
Engstrom, Jenny
Fowler, Rachel
Frasca, Yvonne
Fucanan, Frederick
Fung, Rosa
Gangadhara, Sunil
Gay, Vanessa
Hansen, Malia
Hassanali, Muizz
Hassanali, Muizz
Hawkeye Properties
Henderson, Jennifer
Hurst, Karen
Jew, Hilbert
Juta, Margaux
Kawaii Kreations
Kouchnir, Yuri
Kramer, Erika
Kung, Brian
LaFortune, Kai
Lam, Kenneth
Lane, Myriam
Law, Ben
Le, Jennifer
Lee, Ann
Lee, Dennis
Lee, Keith
Lee, Marcus
Lee, Roderick
Lee, Steven
Leung, Vivian
Lim, Michelle
Loo, Cheryl
Lou, Ray
Luey, Daryl
Ly, Barbara
Lynch, Janet
M., Elizabeth
Macaranas, Mark
Mar, Larry
Marshall, Polly
Martinez, Dinna
Masuda, Jeff
McIntyre, Lissa
Mellon, Michelle
Miyahara, Kelly
Model, The
Monzon, Cynthia
Moy, Alycia
Mukhopadhyay, Josh
Mukhopadhyay, Josh
Munoz, Yolanda
Murashima, Kellie
Naganuma, Denise
Nagdev, Nisha
Nagle, John
Nalagan, Kristine
Ng, Gary
Nguyen, Huyen
Nguyen, Peter
Nguyen, Rachelle
O'Neill, Lorrin
Park, Jua
Parsons, Zachary
Peav, Siam
Pryor, Melissa
Rabinov, Natasha
Ranen, Jeffrey
San, Olivia
Schilf, Jodi
Schramm, Karl
Sheridan, Cynthia
Smart, Ross
Smart-GOLF Professionals
Tierney, Minou
Tran, John
Truong, Linda
Tse, Douglas
Vilaysak, Keo
Vilaysak, Noy
Wolfe, Margaret
Won, Albert
Wong, Cheryl
Wong, Cheryl
Wong, Serena
Wongso, Fenny
Wren, Mary
Yeh, Chi
Yeung, Alex
Zwain, Tony

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