Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We've come this far and have succeeded. This isn't over yet! HELP US!

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Keep spreading the word . . .good job everyone! Our priority is to get petitions signed! The last petition had an unbelievable 2,000 votes and resulted in the search and rescue extended beyond the 96 hour window! BRAVO folks! This was completed in under 5 days!

Now it's a shame to even ask this, but now we need a "search and recovery" with locating the vessel and an investigation that includes a dive. While we would hope that our government would look out for us, we are realizing that this is not necessarily the case. We need YOUR help once again. We need a second petition and this letter is addressed to Leon Panetta, Executive Secretary to the Department of Defense, CC President Obama.

So let's challenge ourselves. We ask you to print the letter to Leon Panetta. Xerox as many as you can. Ask friends, neighbors, strangers to sign them.

Mail them to PO BOX 310 El Granada, CA 94018. DEAD LINE: Friday, August 5. Our goal was 2,000 with the previous petition and we succeeded! Let's make this 10,000!

What's our plan? Xerox and scan each one. Send them to every Congressman on this planet and let them know that we mean business. The families need closure and justice.

Here's a quick review!

1. go to www.findourfathers.com
2. Click on "Spread the Word."
3. Copy and paste letter to US DEFENSE SECRETARY PANETTA
4. Xerox as many as you can
5. Ask family, friends, mail carrier, dog walkers, etc. to sign the petition
6. Mail them to PO BOX 310 El Granada, Ca 94018

*Gathering signatures on petitions work! Help us bring closure and justice to this tragedy and strength to ensure that this doesn't happen to you or your loved ones.*

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