Friday, July 8, 2011

Letter to Senator Feinstein from Debbie Jair

Dear Senator Feinstein:

I remember you as Mayor of San Francisco as a child growing up. I recall meeting you
when I was a Junior Statesmen of America member, visitng inside of City Hall in the late

I am now writing this letter to you to ask for your help in the efforts to help locate my
friend's father, Donald Lee and 6 other Americans that are currently missing in Baja,

Their fishing boat capsized in the early morning of July 3, 2011, off the coast of San
Feliz, Mexico. The search and rescue efforts will end very soon. I implore you to
utilize your relationship with the Mexican government to not only extend the search and
rescue window, but to encourage a more extensive search for these 7 American men.
I understand that there are dozens of little islands that have yet to be searched. I have
also been led to believe that although the Mexican efforts have been much appreciated,
they have been limited. It has been to my dismay to hear that the US Coast Guards, who
have been available, have been limited in their efforts as they have to be invited by the
Mexican government despite their specialized capabilities.
These men are not only husbands and fathers, but they have been contributing members
to our American society. They are Bay Area citizens who have supported you during
your career.

Please, Senator Feinstein, help us bring these men home. The window is closing and
these men deserve the same efforts that Americans put forth in other countries!

Thank you!

Deborah Jair

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