Monday, July 11, 2011

Dive Update

The dive that was supposed to happen Saturday, then it moved to Sunday, then it moved to the rumor is...there is a team of four U.S. divers (assumption is they are from Hawaii) currently in Mexico are on stand-by.  We have heard via hearsay that Senator Feinstein's office confirmed the existence of the dive team on site.

What we have confirmed via Senator Boxer's office is that the Department of Defense has yet to give a formal approval for the dive team to enter the waters.  So, as of this moment in time, there are no divers in the water, nor any plans to enter the water.

Regardless of the progress to make the dive happen, we are extremely grateful for the support we are receiving from our elected officials.

*  We do recognize that a dive that is 200+ feet is highly technical and there are many steps to the process.

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  1. A dive team has authorization from both governments,and is ready to leave as soon as they receive a small deposit to go and find the wreck. We have all the state of the art equipment to find it ,and are all vets.some of us are from spec. ops and have the certifications for deep dives and recovery of the bodies. so anyone blaming the governments is telling a lie!