Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Time is ticking away

I know everyone is doing so much but we have a 96 hour window before the search efforts are called off - from the time of the incident, the deadline is Thursday, July 7 at 2:00 a.m. Once that happens we will also lose the media coverage. Please continue to ask your friends and coworkers to share our blog and tweet account as if we can increase social media, we can keep the search efforts alive. Thank you once again.


  1. Let me know if it's ok for me to post this on facebook. I have also sent an email to people who knows and lives in mexico, cabo, basically everywhere around it to seek for assistance.

    Thank you for keeping this blog updated.

    - N. Auyang

  2. Hi Nicole - we just updated this blog post, please feel free to post to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  3. NO thank yous necessary. Anything I can help with. I have sent this to everyone I know who lives, or knows someone who does in Mexico or geographically around it for assistance. Thank you for the blogs updates!!r

  4. who is the moderator for this blog